28 May 2015
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Kfifane (Batroun) and Mar Moussa (Metn)
Rachkedde, Batroun
Batroun, North Lebanon
Kefraya, West Bekaa
Bhamdoun Village, Mount Lebanon
Kfardebian, North Metn
Makse, Bekaa
Kefraya, Bekaa Valley
Dhour Zahle, Bekaa Valley
Ksara, Zahle, Bekaa Valley
Kefraya, West Bekaa
Ghazir, Keserwan
Marmara, Batroun, North Lebanon
Kab Elias, Bekaa Valley
Mtein, North Metn
Ras El Harf, Mount Lebanon
Edde, Batroun, North Lebanon
Zahle, Bekaa Valley
Dhour Zahle
Deir el Ahmar, Bekaa Valey
Chtaura, Bekaa Valley
Chabtine, Batroun, North Lebanon
Ammiq, West Bekaa
Zahle, Bekaa Valley
Kab Elias, Bekaa-Valley
Batroun, North Lebanon
Jezzine, South Lebanon
Tanail, Bekaa Valley
Rechmaya, Mount Lebanon
Jdita, Bekaa Valley
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